Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finishing up week 2

 The roof is stripped and new felt paper is on.

 Shingles were delivered on Thursday.
 Shingles were started on Friday.

 Some of our help.
 More help.
 Her big scoop.
 And when they are not helping this is what they are doing.
 Warming up in the sun.

 They have had more fun out here playing, making things,
and digging for worms.
 Master bedroom and bath.
 Kitchen.  We did a lot of this, filling and dumping wheel barrels.
 Jamie did a lot of taking the wheel barrels out while I filled.
He is in this picture but you can't see him from all the dust.
 But by the end of the day the upstairs looked like this and part of the downstairs.
This is the sitting room downstairs and entryway.
Unfortunately there is still more to clean though.

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