Friday, July 18, 2014

Lookin' Good

 Some landscaping done

 I planted some bushes/flowers on the front of the porch but you can't
see them in this picture.
 The boys in the garage working on putting the basketball
goal together.
 Jamie got the goal up and we got the detached garage sided.

 Curtains in the dining room and kitchen I sewed.

 Living room curtains I sewed.
 Shelf in the entry way Jamie made.  We took off some of the
old door knobs and made a coat rack.
 Our garden this year. 
 Flowers on the side.
 Flowers up front.  Hydrangeas and hostas.
Curtains I made for our bedroom.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starting to feel like a home

Happy 100th!  Our house turned a 100 years old this year.  It got a major facelift on its 100th birthday.  I figured how much paint we used from receipts and my memory.  We used at least 80 gallons of paint. 
We went to a craft show and found some goodies.  It has helped for it to start feeling
like a home since some space is getting filled.  We still need some items but we are getting there.
 A little cabinet I found that goes in the kitchen corner.  I didn't even have to paint it.
It goes well with our cabinets.
 This is my favorite cabinet.  It sits in the half bath.  It goes very
well and fills up the space nicely.
 I am not sure about this.  I thought it was cool but am not sure what to do
with it after we got it.  So for now it is sitting in the living room.  I thought about
adding some legs to it.
 Ava's night stands.  There are 2 of them.  She needed some.  She was using a
plastic container.
 The bench that is in the entry way.  I want to get some pillows to sit on it.
 The kids dressed up for their Christmas program.

 The beautiful snow we are getting.

 Some of the pieces after they have some decorations on them.
 Ava's night stands after I painted them.

 Carter's decoration in his room.  His kayak.  We lifted it on the porch
roof and brought it in through the window.  I'm sure the neighbors think we are crazy.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some updates

 We finally decided on just painting the foundation the same color as the porch.
After 2 failed color attempts I was tired of trying to find another color that would go.
The brown foundation does look nice.  It still needs one more coat of paint.  It has been hard
to get any work done with the cold weather and snow flurries!
 I got most of the columns painted but still need to paint the board
 that is at the top of the porch.
 Foundation painted brown.  You can look back at previous posts
and see how bad the red looked and I don't think there are any pictures on
here of the other color I tried.
 Fireplace is completed.  It ended up turning out nice.  I re stained the mantle.
The black surround is original to the house but we had to do something with the middle piece because
it had rusted out.  So that middle tin is what we came up with.

 We have some blinds for the living room, our bedroom, and the
half bath thanks to my grandma.  She bought them for us when she came to visit.
I have not found any fabric I like for the living room yet. 
 Our bedroom blinds.
 The fabric I got for our bedroom windows.  I can't wait to get started on them.
 We have been busy with this but are finished now.  Ava loved cheering and
still cheers all through the house.  They had competition last weekend that lasted all day.
Her team did great but didn't place.  I however thought they should have. 

 Also busy with this but we are done as of today.
Carter had a great season and really came around with his skills and confidence. 
It was great to see.  He hated for the season to end. 
The team ended up with 2nd place today.  They lost 2-1.  They lost
2 games this season and both games were to the same team.  They had a great season!  They
had fun and were great boys.  Now on to wrestling.  One week off with no practices and
then we start up again. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

More Work is Completed

 Kitchen is complete!  Jamie got all the knobs on and
the pendant lights up over the bar.  What a fiasco that was.

 Shower is finally complete.  This was a fiasco too.
But Jamie did good.
 Working on painting the porch and foundation.  We still have the
poles and the board above them to paint.  But it has to be all hand painted. :(
Not sure about the foundation color.  It was supposed to be a little more red. 
It is not what I was envisioning.  I think I will like the brown on the porch when it is done though.

And this is what a tired boy looks like after soccer and riding bikes with
his friends all day.  I didn't know where he went and came and found
him passed out on the couch.