Sunday, March 31, 2013

End of Week 3

The first part of week 3 we had lots of snow on spring break.
The ruler is almost covered.
 The kids had lots of fun.

 The snow quickly disappeared.  Our existing garage.
 Roof almost completed on this side.
 The existing garage and some of the garbage left behind.
 Roof almost finished.
 Hard to tell much difference this week.  Just a lot of cleaning up.
Sitting room
 Living room looking back into dining.
 Dining room looking into kitchen.  Part of the wall was removed
 to make a bar between kitchen and dining room.
 Upstairs.  Kids bathroom will be on the right.  Carter's room
is straight ahead.
 Looking into Ava's room from Carter's room but we are
not going to keep the door between their rooms.
 Looking down the stairs.
 Front porch.  Some or the trim we are using again.
 Front porch.  Almost 30 gallons of paint that was left behind.
 Front porch
Entry way.

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