Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starting to feel like a home

Happy 100th!  Our house turned a 100 years old this year.  It got a major facelift on its 100th birthday.  I figured how much paint we used from receipts and my memory.  We used at least 80 gallons of paint. 
We went to a craft show and found some goodies.  It has helped for it to start feeling
like a home since some space is getting filled.  We still need some items but we are getting there.
 A little cabinet I found that goes in the kitchen corner.  I didn't even have to paint it.
It goes well with our cabinets.
 This is my favorite cabinet.  It sits in the half bath.  It goes very
well and fills up the space nicely.
 I am not sure about this.  I thought it was cool but am not sure what to do
with it after we got it.  So for now it is sitting in the living room.  I thought about
adding some legs to it.
 Ava's night stands.  There are 2 of them.  She needed some.  She was using a
plastic container.
 The bench that is in the entry way.  I want to get some pillows to sit on it.
 The kids dressed up for their Christmas program.

 The beautiful snow we are getting.

 Some of the pieces after they have some decorations on them.
 Ava's night stands after I painted them.

 Carter's decoration in his room.  His kayak.  We lifted it on the porch
roof and brought it in through the window.  I'm sure the neighbors think we are crazy.

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