Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some updates

 We finally decided on just painting the foundation the same color as the porch.
After 2 failed color attempts I was tired of trying to find another color that would go.
The brown foundation does look nice.  It still needs one more coat of paint.  It has been hard
to get any work done with the cold weather and snow flurries!
 I got most of the columns painted but still need to paint the board
 that is at the top of the porch.
 Foundation painted brown.  You can look back at previous posts
and see how bad the red looked and I don't think there are any pictures on
here of the other color I tried.
 Fireplace is completed.  It ended up turning out nice.  I re stained the mantle.
The black surround is original to the house but we had to do something with the middle piece because
it had rusted out.  So that middle tin is what we came up with.

 We have some blinds for the living room, our bedroom, and the
half bath thanks to my grandma.  She bought them for us when she came to visit.
I have not found any fabric I like for the living room yet. 
 Our bedroom blinds.
 The fabric I got for our bedroom windows.  I can't wait to get started on them.
 We have been busy with this but are finished now.  Ava loved cheering and
still cheers all through the house.  They had competition last weekend that lasted all day.
Her team did great but didn't place.  I however thought they should have. 

 Also busy with this but we are done as of today.
Carter had a great season and really came around with his skills and confidence. 
It was great to see.  He hated for the season to end. 
The team ended up with 2nd place today.  They lost 2-1.  They lost
2 games this season and both games were to the same team.  They had a great season!  They
had fun and were great boys.  Now on to wrestling.  One week off with no practices and
then we start up again. 

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