Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Countertops are in

 Our countertops are in.  So disappointed I don't have a picture
 how we used drywall for a week or two.
 Sink is in.  Some our produce from our garden in the window.
 Wish I could say everything is put away and nice and clean
but clearly you can see I would be lying.  All in time.
Jamie still has to put the knobs on.  Another item on his list.
 We started school in the madness we are living in. 
Didn't they get the memo we could use another month
or so off?  They are on their second week and are enjoying this
week.  It has been hot so they get out of school an hour early all week since
 the school doesn't have AC.
 Ava is in 1st. Carter 4th.
 Carter is busy with soccer too.  He has been playing
goalie and he loves it.  Ava is cheering.  She is loving it. 
No pictures yet.
Our master bath countertop.  

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