Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting closer

 Besides working on the house Carter has been playing baseball.
He is playing 3rd base here.
 He had a nice hit in this game.  What a great way to end the season. 
He had a good first year of baseball.
 His team was the division champs.  There were only 8 boys on the team so everyone
got to play with no sitting out.
 With the first place trophy and his own trophy for the season.
 Sidewalks are done.

 Our garden is doing very good.  We have some cucumbers and tomatoes on them.
 Ava has a couple watermelons on her plants.
 Laundry room floor.
 Kids bathroom floor.
 We have a toilet!  It is now a home.
 Hardwood floor was delivered and has to sit for 3 days before being installed.  Hopefully
they will start on Monday.  We had to turn on the AC for the floor.  Everything worked good.
 Half bath floor and landing floor.  Hard to tell what it looks
 like with all the dirt.
 Entry way floor.  Same as half bath.
 Entry way painting is done.  I added a plum color.
 Master bath floors.  Same as half bath and entry way.
 Ava lounging in her room.
 Painting the interior doors.
 Driveway is complete.  Carter is ready for a basketball goal.
Here is what the hardwood looks like.

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  1. Angie, it looks like you guys have been hard at it. Great progress and I expect you'll really appreciate the renovation once done. Best of skill to you the rest of the way.