Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 13

 Basement windows are in.

 Carter's Hole of Creations

 What he spends his time working on.
 Looking from kitchen into dining and living room.
 Kitchen.  Left door is laundry room.  Right door is going down
to the basement.
 Looking into kitchen.  Door to garage.
 Dining room.
 Dining room looking into half bath and upstairs.
 Living room.  Door was removed and window was installed.
 Living room looking into sitting room.
 Living room.
 Living room.
 Sitting room.
 Looking into entry way.
 Looking from sitting room into living room, dining room, and kitchen
 Looking from master bedroom into dining room.  Closet on the left.
 Master bedroom.
 Master bedroom.  Closet on the left.
 Master bedroom.  Doorway for master bath.
 Master bath.
 Carter's room.  Closet on left.
 Carter's room.
 Ava's room.
 Ava's room.  Closet door.
 Sitting area upstairs.
 Looking into guest bedroom.
 Guest bedroom.  Closet on the left.
 Ava posing in our garden.
 Looking from guest bedroom out to sitting area and bathroom.
Ava in our garden.

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