Monday, April 15, 2013

Starting Week 6

 Started on the fascia on this side.  They got the frame for the
 window moved over.  Those 2 big windows will be the master bedroom.
Small window by the big window is the 1/2 bath and other small window is the laundry room.
Side block walls by the steps were removed today.
 Back porch and all the block gone.
 Fascia and soffit done on the peak.

 Fascia and soffit complete on this side.
 Plumbing is started.
 Our master bath wall is framed.
 Kitchen.  Door moved over to fit our layout better.  Wall
completely down between kitchen and dining room. 
 Working on the new heating and cooling.  Upstairs unit.
 Heating and cooling
 The plumber and his assistant busy at work.
One of the spots of poison I picked up from cleaning up the yard.

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